Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Oh the tree has gone and the cats are sad.

Said goodbye to the tree till next Christmas.

Put the tree away today, but thought i would share my tree and give you a laugh. My reindeer is quite old he is a helium ballon that i have blown up each year, when i went to have him blown up i saw the penguin and had to bring him home, they have both gone down and are having problems standing, so Rudolf needs to go away but the penguin (Monty) is not just for christmas so decided to give him Rudolfs helium to give him new life, so used a straw from Rudolf to Monty and it worked. Monty is like new again. My friends laughed at me and said it wouldn't work, but it did. So happy tonight.

My cat is happy she wants him to come upstairs, but sad the tree has gone she likes to sit under it.
Thanks for popping by.xx

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  1. Fabulous Christmas tree Samantha, you cat looks a cutie too.
    Linda xxx