Monday, 18 May 2015

Lindsay Mason mixed media workshop, back to front canvas.

Lindsay Mason mixed media workshop at Daisy Jewels and crafts.

Had a great time with Lindsay, she is a great tutor and very attentive.
She lets everybody loose to add whatever colour and embellishments they wish.
It was lovely to see how different everyones was.

Lots of great techniques and styles.

This is the colour when i brought it home(as below), but felt it needed more purple and depth, as above. Also had this pin with crown for a while and thought it would look good on the dress.
Really pleased with how it came out.

This one is Lindsays to take inspiration from.

Thanks for visiting, and hello to the new followers.xx


  1. this is stunning, love all the different colours and all the elements x

  2. Wow, beautiful, I love all the colours. Nice to be back here visiting xx